What does being a mentor mean to me?

Since our collaboration with the SPUD Group when we worked together and produced the Exbury Egg, we have continued our involvement with the charity. As a company we have supported them with pro-bono design work and many members of the PAD team have contributing time for mentoring of the spudYOUTH workshops. Following my own support of the charity I have also recently became a trustee of the charity.


But why did I become a mentor and what does being a mentor mean to me?

Along time ago a passionate architect showed me what the world of architecture had to offer, through involving me in elements of the construction process that even as a part 1 architectural student I was not subjected too. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of what a career in architecture had to offer, a chance to influence and shape the world around me.  Architecture is still inaccessible to a great many and SPUD is trying to do something to change that by involving all generations in shaping their environments. To me this is my chance to spread passion and hopefully provide, and pass on the inspiration I received all those years ago.

SPUD provides a rare opportunity for people of all generations to engage with their surroundings with the weekly workshops which provide an insight for young adults to explore architecture and even delivering exciting local projects such as the recently completed Handlebar Café in Winchester which was instigated by several of the students.

Founded in 2011 by two creatives that had the desire to shape the creative influence in the New Forest, it has now establishing a spudWORKS, a physical space in Sway to support creative start-ups and small businesses. In this way the charity is furthering the presence of the arts in the national park. In addition to transforming the old Artsway building, SPUD (in collaboration with us here at PAD) delivered five new artists studio’s this summer which provide rare rental spaces for local artists to expand their bodies of work and connect with the public. In design we sought to reflect the adjoining award winning Observatory project, which has also taken up residence in the Sway site.

We were delighted that the spudWORKS studios were recently visited by the civic trust award assessment team, in anticipation of the shortlist for these prestigious awards, we hope that they have the same enthusiasm for this project as the local community and resident artists have. 


Collette Raine