Studying RIBA part 1 and part 2 at different universities

I have recently returned to PAD Studio full time as a part two Architectural Assistant after completing my Master of Architecture (M Arch) at The University of Bath and undergraduate degree at Portsmouth University. I thoroughly enjoyed completing my undergraduate degree at Portsmouth and learnt a great deal, however felt that studying my M Arch at a different university would challenge my architectural viewpoint and enhance my design skillset.

I was fortunate to receive a place at Bath within a year group of only 26. Whilst we all became very good friends, the small year group encouraged fierce competition. During the first semester we worked in small groups of either four or five to develop a masterplan in a European city of our choosing. We decided on Belfast; a historically rich city facing very current issues and where we could gather as much information as possible in a short time. Working in a group at masterplan scale offered a very different set of design challenges to those offered by the traditional architectural student project.

Deciding to change universities is certainly not an easy route, you have to quickly adapt to a different style of teaching, a new campus and new tutors with differing views. On reflection I perhaps underestimated how tough it would be moving to Bath and how much I would have to ‘up my game’, but looking back there is no doubt it was the correct decision.

To anyone looking to study for their part two at a different university I would say go for it, but accept it will be challenging and tough at first; then again most things worthwhile are.


Visual from the Belfast Masterplan: A new linear park built over existing motorway cutting

Benjamin Munro Studio 3

Detail photograph of the Belfast Masterplan city model

Benjamin Munro Studio 7

1:100 Sectional model from my final individual project: The Belfast Centre for Outdoor Pursuits