SPUD's Handlebar Café needs you!

 'We all teach in schools of architecture and that is core to our development; ‘we teach best what we want to learn [1].’ 

As part of our teaching we work with SPUD who bring people together, from all walks of life, to collaborate on educational, art and architectural projects. Following the success of several built works such as, The Observatory and the Exbury Egg - SPUD is in the process of realising another exciting project in Winchester, The Handlebar Café. 

The Handlebar Café’s is proposed as a place for family and friends to be able to gather over a snack and drink after a cycle ride or walk, with a vantage over the meadows to St Cross. The project site sits close to a popular cycle path in Winchester and a short distance from St Catherine’s Hill. The café supported by a Bike stop where bikes can be hired and repaired, ensuring you and the family are fully prepared for your riding adventures.

In addition to operating at a commercial level, SPUD Youth are exploring the potential to develop the café business to form a social enterprise. Identifying potential partnerships with local colleges. A commercial café operator forms a strategic part of the development ensuring its long-term viability.

HandlebarCafe Visual

The café’s design concept was created by a young SPUD Youth participant and subsequently developed by students from local schools and colleges in Winchester and the New Forest. The students’ presented the scheme to Winchester City Council and to the Town Forum. An intensive series of workshops held in April 2015 were supported by Winchester City Council, University of Portsmouth, Architecture PLB and a number of other commercial organizations to develop the proposal and business plan more fully.


HandlebarCafe sketch3

Following a successful planning application, the project’s funding has reached an amazing 82% of that which is required to bring the Handlebar Café to Winchester. But now the project needs your support if it is to be built. This could be professional support, materials, equipment or money.

If you can help please email: jointheadventure@spudgroup.org.uk to buy a bamboo t-shirt which you can see us sporting above, or visit https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/spud-jg/handlebarcafe to pledge any amount that you can spare. Then sit back and enjoy a good cup of coffee in the Handlebar Café in the knowledge that you played a part in bringing this amazing project to life.

[1] ‘Illusions: The Adventures of A Reluctant Messiah.' - Richard Bach (1998)