The Water Tower Architects Hampshire

Forest Lodge & The Water Tower both Shortlisted for RIBA South Awards

We are honoured for both Forest Lodge and The Water Tower being shortlisted in the RIBA South Awards 2017.

Forest Lodge exemplifies what can be achieved through imagination, innovation and rigorous detailing. To overcome stringent planning policy, this ambitious home was built to comply with the Caravan Act 1968 and challenges traditional construction methods. The Caravan Act’s inherent constraints were not viewed as an obstacle to good design, instead a series of parameters with the potential to shape a creative outcome. The result is a sustainable, beautiful home, rooted in its forest context and loved by its clients.

PAD began the refurbishment of The Water Tower by stripping away the existing furnishing and decor to reveal the water towers historic fabric, before proposing a number of contemporary interventions, including a large protruding window and sculptural steel staircase. The former acts like a camera lens, puncturing the building at first floor level, focusing one’s view out to the garden and beyond. A window seat is also formed creating a space to sit, soaking up light and prospect. The latter, a new sculptural steel stair, was designed as an industrial feature in the day room, rising up through the double height space to the bathroom on the fourth floor.

Earlier this month Forest Lodge was also shortlisted for the RICS Awards in two catagories - Residential and Innovation Through Design