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SPUDyouth - Working with Aspiring Designers

For the past 3 Thursday evenings I have been helping out with the latest SPUDyouth programme. SPUDyouth is workshop programme for young people to learn about architecture, urban design and placemaking. It is organised and run by SPUD who also curated the Exbury Egg and The Observatory projects plus many more. SPUDyouth has already provided many young people the experience required to achieve their goals of becoming designers & architects. They are currently delivering the Cycle Cafe (Handle Bar Cafe) in Winchester which was designed by SPUDyouth students.

This year's young designers will focus on the redevelopment of the entrance and grounds of St Thomas Church in Lymington as well as creating a brand new youth space within. The last three weeks has been about exploring place, people & landscape which will informal their final design decisions.

Last night we had an inspiring evening down on the Lymington salt marshes at The Observatory. Here we explored the landscape and how the intervention of the Observatory changes our perspective of place. Each student used water colours, pastels and findings in the landscape to freely create images of place.

If you would like to know more about SPUDyouth check out their website or follow them on facebook.

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