Portsmouth Tennis Pavilion Drone Photography

Our first public building, The Canoe Lake Tennis Pavilion in Portsmouth has just started on site and we have some fantastic drone photography of the site and of Southsea seafront.

This new sports Pavilion in popular Southsea will provide a range of social and community space for use by the public and members of the Canoe Lake Leisure Tennis Club. The Pavilion also incorporates office and storage space for Canoe Lake Leisure. The new building has been designed to be as transparent and delicate as possible, maximising views of the tennis courts and enabling a visual connection to be established across the wider site. A slim roof floats above the largely glazed first floor and creates covered outdoor seating space on the terrace.

The demolition of the old pavilion on the project site is complete and groundwork is now underway. The complete refurbishment of the adjacent 12 grass tennis courts has already begun at Canoe Lake. These courts have been designed to Wimbledon standard, with the first competitions being held later in the year.

IMG 58

Drone Photograph of Southsea Seafront with tennis courts on right hand side

IMG 2602

Drone Photograph from above project site showing existing pavilion

Dusk Low Res2

Proposed Tennis Pavilion at dusk