PAD love being 'Team Players'

PAD love being ‘Team Players’

Last week PAD celebrated yet another successful planning result – the second this year and its only February! Wendy and Natalie attended the planning committee at the New Forest National Park for the Lymington Garden Masterplan project.

The project is a complex one, comprising of some new-build stables, machine store and car port; a proposed diverted footpath and in time, a permitted development application to extend the Client’s house; not forgetting a whole landscaping strategy.

The order of the day concerned the new-build stables, machine store and car port, which happen to sit across the boundary of both New Forest local authorities – a somewhat unusual situation and a complicated one to say the least, as both local authorities had to be consulted. This in itself was always going to be challenge for the team headed up by PAD studio but including other specialists: Roy Hickey (Footpath Consultant), Dan Wilden of Puretown Planning (Planning Consultants), and not forgetting the Client.

Prior to the committee meeting, the project was recommended for refusal by the Case Officer, although it was recommended for approval by the Town Council. The Planners argument being that the scheme was substantially larger in its roof area than the existing buildings (when in fact the floor area was almost identical) and because it was not clear-cut as to whether the proposed stables sat within the domestic curtilage. The team submitted additional material to the planners to support the application and hopefully alleviate any concerns.  Unfortunately, none of this was taken into consideration by the time the committee meeting was held, so PAD produced a statement and sent this out to the councillors ahead of the meeting to clarify all the issues and ensure that there was no further misunderstanding.

A great decision! The councillors ruled in favour of the replacement stables, machine store and car port. Not only was the first councillor’s statement seconded, but it was ‘thirded’ and ‘fourthed’ (if there is such a thing)!

This project brought light to the power of ‘the team’ and what collaborative forces can accomplish. It is certain, that if we had not worked together, our achievement could have taken a very different turn but if the appeal route had to be undertaken, our team would be ready!