University Workshop The Observatory12

Workshop with SPUD & Portsmouth School of Architecture Students at The Observatory

In conjunction with SPUD, artist in residence Jilly Morris & Portsmouth School of Architecture we participated in a workshop for BA1 architecture students at The Observatory. The workshop opened the senses to the landscape through the observation of pattern, movement, rhythm & flow in both a macro and micro scale. We worked with with the students loosening the idea in how we understand place; how does an intervention such as The Observatory alter our perception of a place. What has it unearthed that we wouldn't otherwise notice? Artist Jilly Morris taught techniques in observation and documenting/exploring our findings with her tools of the trade. Tools far looser than that of the Architect allowing ones' observation to flow through the page - free the hand, free the mind. Some tools are beautifully made by herself, others are found, bought and adapted to provide varying outcomes. These tools are then expanded through varying technique of stoke, force, tightness/loosness derived from the understanding of the expressed observation.

Jilly has recently taken residency at The Observatory for the following 8 weeks where she will explore the landscape and the people that use it.

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