3. Portrait Ford Farm

International Women's Day 2019

For this year’s International Women’s Day we thought it pertinent to reflect on the days meaning, both to PAD studio as an architectural practice and as individuals. Perhaps in a slightly unexpected twist however, myself (as a male employee) is writing this Blog…wish me luck.


This year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter with a message to us all to do everything possible to help forge a more gender-balanced world. In my view PAD studio is certainly leading by example, where fostering equality and gender balance is default practice. Whilst the studio’s ethos aligns with my own personal views on the theme, I have sadly witnessed how this isn’t always the case across the industry and believe progress still needs to be made. Despite this, I am privileged to be surrounded by six employees who I see as friends as much as colleagues – four of which inspirational, kind and dedicated women who I love working with.


Much of this is thanks to our ‘Boss’, Wendy Perring, who certainly has a great and lasting impact on my professional career, but also how I manage my personal life. Our work places need to encourage and allow people like Wendy to demonstrate what is possible when true balance is achieved – both with respect to gender, but also work, life and everything in-between. Perhaps most importantly, the balanced environment at PAD, which I am most fortunate to be part of, encourages us to all become invested in the practice, share more, seek help when we are struggling, laugh more and ultimately enjoy to process to allow us to produce better architecture.


I am a strong advocate of International Women’s Day and wholehearted believe in its cause, however I do strongly believe that small day-to-day gestures and simply showing support and empathy to each other, regardless of gender, will go a long way towards fostering gender balance and making lasting change. In the end we are all human beings taking steps forward in our professional and personal lives, dealing with our own challenges and doing our best to deal with life’s twists and turns as best we can along the way.



8th March 2019