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Comment from our summer intern

How I knew I wanted to study Architecture

As a young person in school, a time arises when you have to make the decision of what to do for the rest of your life, especially if you chose to go to university. For some this is simple, and would involves choosing what they have always dreamed of doing, but for others, such as myself, this can seem like the hardest decision you ever have to make.

For me, Architecture was not even a consideration of mine until the pressure to choose began. I searched for a degree that would encompass my passions for both art and maths, and so after a discussion with my family Architecture became the front runner.

Choosing a career defining degree without any practical experience was daunting. No subjects in school are strongly related to Architecture, and so going into my first week of University I was concerned with how this one decision could affect the rest of my life and even if I had made the right choice.

Starting University was like being thrown in at the deep end and trying to learn to swim, but on reflection for Architecture this was the best way to learn. There was, however, one life raft in having a tutor to guide you and for me they helped me reaslise I had made the right choice.

However, the main confirmation came after I my work experience at PAD studio after in the summer after my first year. I applied to PAD studio as I was inspired by their projects and I was keen to learn the reality of a career I had only experienced theoretically.

I strongly value my time there, one thing which settled my career choice was the collective desire I witnessed to better one’s self, as a community of Architects and therefore the environment through design. Not only this but I was inspired by the universal desire to help young Architects and people not associated with the profession learn that a building is not just about inhabitation, but also the external impact of a scheme to the wider world.

My best experience at PAD studio was visiting The Chestnut Farm project, a nearly completed residential scheme in The New Forest. It was inspiring to see the project come to life on site and witnessing how overjoyed and proud the clients are with their building. This made me realise Architecture is much more than simply building a structure for a purpose, it is designing a building for the future of the people who inhabit it.

Overall my work experience helped me solidify my choice in Architecture and I am excited to continue my studies again this year.

By Amy Thompson, summer intern 2018