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Architects Journal Interview - People & Places 07.02.14

We have featured in a number of journals and publications this year including the Architects Journal; appearing in the ‘AJ New Practices’ article in February. Below is the interview with Director Wendy Perring which was printed in the AJ which offers a little insight into the background of PAD studio and our aims looking forward.

Where have you come from?

Perring came from Tim Ronalds Architects and Allies & Morrison. While Bray from Re-Format, Haddow Partnership and Architecture PLB.

What work do you have?
We have some great new projects at the moment, including a low-budget community centre which we plan to build out of profiled sheeting; a new build house in the New Forest and a small office and recording studio for a celebrity client. All of our work has a focus on sustainability and low-impact building.

What are you ambitions?

We would rather be selective about our work and choose to do projects, and work with people that really interest us, rather than feel obliged to take on projects to keep the wheels turning. We would love to do some work abroad...preferably somewhere hot with a beach nearby!

How optimistic are you?

Word of mouth is key. We get most of our work on recommendation, so doing a great job on every project is critical, as is the attention to detail on site.

How do you market yourself?

We have been extremely lucky! The Exbury Egg has been amazing for us in the PR that it has generated. We recently invested in our website and have embraced Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We are also being filmed for a new TV series which looks at the role of architects, but we are sworn to secrecy.

Architects Journal Interview with Director Wendy Perring - 07.02.14, Number 5, Volume 239, Sensing Spaces Issue.