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A Journey for Growth

“As the next decade is rapidly approaching, I made the decision at the beginning of 2019 to reflect, reappraise and seek guidance on both my business and personal development. This has also involved pausing to take stock on the journey of growth that PAD studio has been travelling and consider its future destination. I sought the help of the inspiring Amanda Yensa Manor of Yensa Mentors an experienced business mentor based in London.


The process of mentoring is involved and at times it can be personally demanding to carve out the space and time necessary to make the most of the potential it offers, but the rewards are enormous: Since January we have met monthly in London, also discussing between our meetings the issues pertinent to my needs as the leader of a growing and dynamic creative collective. We have zoomed right out to look at the big picture of growth strategy and how we tell the story of who we are, and we have zoomed in to re-appraise and refresh our manifesto (all will be revealed soon as our new website is underway). Perhaps the most challenging, but beneficial area has been the honesty required in examining my personal needs as a working mother, practice director and female role-model working within a largely male profession – what these needs are, and how I need to adjust my life balance and the roles that I take on to ensure that my needs continue to be met and I don’t experience burn-out. We all need to nourish our souls and how we achieve this will be hugely complex. I have looked at patterns in my relationships with others and how I can react differently to challenges as they emerge. I have examined how I want to continue to grow and how I am going to achieve this. A world of new possibilities has been revealed as I journey with my mentor.  Life and its events have undoubtedly shaped who I am and having new skills to embrace adversity (which let’s be honest, we all experience at times) for positive growth is liberating and hugely exciting as I look forward and upwards to the next decade.”


Wendy Perring