Film: Southsea Tennis Pavilion

This video explores our new Tennis Pavilion project on the Southsea Seafront in Portsmouth. The building was completed and opened to the public in July 2017.

The ground floor, formed from brick provides a solid base which asserts itself on the site. Large openings are carved away to reveal views into the building and activity on the courts beyond. The aim was to provide a robust base, to invite the community to engage with tennis and the activities within the area. The pavilion’s first floor viewing gallery is set against mature trees to the south of the site. It is designed to be as unobtrusive, transparent and delicate as possible. A slim butterfly roof floats above the largely glazed first floor, reducing the buildings mass and creating covered outdoor seating space and cladding details and finishes play with light and shadow to reduce the impact of the first floor and emphasise the roof line.

Vandalism is a persistent problem in this area and both the materials and structure have been mindfully designed. All glazing at ground floor can be secured at night through finely detailed, sliding mesh shutters which slide into recessed brick pockets. At night, their perforated finish allows the building to subtly glow, helping to improve security lighting along the public footpath.