Contemporary Sustainable Design

  • The Barn front door exterior
  • Beach House Cafe Exterior
  • Ford Farm v2 website
  • New Forest House contemporary architect
  • Canoe Lake Tennis Pavilion  Architects Leisure Hampshire
  • Enfield housing scheme architects London

PAD studio is an award-winning architecture studio, based in the south coast’s picturesque New Forest town of Lymington. This rural location nurtures and inspires our holistic approach to architecture, which is strongly rooted in landscape and place. 

The Essence of PAD studio:

‘We create spaces that offer the chance to be, pause, reflect and grow. Places to retreat to, to be sheltered by. Places that nurture the soul. Places to commune with others. Beautiful places that offer a sense of wonder to all those who encounter and experience them. Places that give back and speak of the people and setting that they belong to - back in time and looking forward to the future.’ 

Wendy Perring, Design Director



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Featured recent projects


Importance of Flexibility in Design

Clients often request that we consider future proofing. A degree of flexibility needs to be included from the start of the design process to ensure the building can adapt to the needs which evolve over time. …read full post

Importance of Outside Space

The importance of having access to outside space for our mental health and wellbeing has been well studied in recent years; from parkland, to the small urban courtyard and larger rural gardens. Whilst it might not always be practical or possible to have a large garden, including some oasis and... …read full post

Importance of Landscaping in our homes

A building should never just appear abruptly ‘plonked’ on the land. For a building to be successful the architecture and landscaping must be tightly intertwined. Good building design should enhance its setting, making the best aspects of the site stronger and be crafted to be as environmentally positive as possible. …read full post