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  • Canoe Lake Tennis Pavilion  Architects Leisure Hampshire
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  • Enfield housing scheme architects London

PAD studio is an award-winning architecture studio, based in the south coast’s picturesque New Forest town of Lymington. This rural location nurtures and inspires our holistic approach to architecture, which is strongly rooted in landscape and place. 

The Essence of PAD studio:

‘We create spaces that offer the chance to be, pause, reflect and grow. Places to retreat to, to be sheltered by. Places that nurture the soul. Places to commune with others. Beautiful places that offer a sense of wonder to all those who encounter and experience them. Places that give back and speak of the people and setting that they belong to - back in time and looking forward to the future.’ 

Wendy Perring, Design Director



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Featured recent projects


A new decade at PAD studio and a vision for success:

2020 has started with a bang at PAD studio! In the first week of the new year we have received two successful planning outcomes, submitted four tenders for exciting community and residential projects, been longlisted for the RIBA McEwan Award, interviewed for a new PAD studio team member and been... …read full post

Pottery and Architecture

This post was originally simply meant to be about the studios recent experience making clay pots however, as always, reflecting on the process lead me to further contemplation on my own creative origins and relationship to practicing architecture. So it has turned into more of a ramble of my working mind. …read full post

What does being a mentor mean to me?

Since our collaboration with the SPUD Group when we worked together and produced the Exbury Egg, we have continued our involvement with the charity. As a company we have supported them with pro-bono design work and many members of the PAD team have contributing time for mentoring of the spudYOUTH workshops. …read full post