Launch of ProjectCompass the e-procurement service

Attended the official launch of ProjectCompass last night at the Royal Festival Hall. ProjectCompass CIC is a new easy access e-procurement service, which should make all architects lives much easier when searching for OJEU tender notices within the UK. ProjectCompass are aiming to make the searching process much more accessible. At the same time offering advice and guidance on procurement to clients THROUGHOUT the uk.

It is hoped that Project Compass will slowly become the go to Hub of procurement searches, but also best practice in running such tender opportunities.

The information below is taken from a Linked-In post by Walter Menteth who describes Project Compass in more depth. 

ProjectCompass - The new UK portal for architectural procurement

ProjectCompass is the e-procurement service aimed at architects and clients. It provides free and easy access to all current public Tender Notices above and below EU thresholds within the UK. It provides a trackable and interrogable database of all past OJEU notices, ranking projects by date, location, client, size, brief, requirements, etc. ProjectCompass provides clear-cut best practice guidance and procurement templates for all client and project types.

ProjectCompass has been developed by Project Compass CIC to complement the highly successful system developed by Architectuur Lokaal in the Netherlands, under the brand of Steunpunt (‘Helpdesk’).

Through Fulcrum ProjectCompass presents a rolodex of new and current OJEU notices, connecting straight to the TED notice. Fulcrum can be interrogated based on combinations of project types, project values and thresholds, project location, notice date etc. Access is completely free, and can be customised to give automatic alerts based on your criteria and needs.

Collaboration UK <>NL

The the new online European procurement portal is now also launched.

Project Compass CIC (UK) in collaboration with the Steunpunt Architectuuropdrachten & Ontwerpwedstrijden of Architectuur Lokaal (NL) launches this new tool showing all contract notices for architecture in the UK and the Netherlands via one portal in a free, accessible and transparent manner. Discussions are progressing on expanding this system with other organisations covering further EU member states and beyond.

Project Compass CIC is developing digital manuals and guidance for the UK market that will also align with the Dutch KOMPAS service.

New online guidance on DESIGN CONTESTS is now also available from Project Compass.

This guidance for both private and public authorities is aligned to Public Contract Regulations for England, Scotland, Wales & N. Ireland, from February 2015.

Project Compass CIC will be developing further guidance in future for architecture and other construction industry tender procedures.

Market transparency will raise market transparency for architects in Europe. SESAM will provide data from both markets via the The assembled databases can be used for statistical research in order to map the trends in the market for architecture. Based on the new British database Project Compass CIC has recently published the report Public Construction Procurement Trends 2009-2014 that explores the developments in the UK market. This represents a giant leap forward towards a better insight into the European market for architecture. Last year the Steunpunt published Trends Aanbesteden van Architectuuropdrachten 2009-2013 that surveys the trends in the Dutch marker in the period 2009-2013. Other countries are currently in discussions to join this initiative to professionalise and raise the transparency of the architectural market across Europe.

The Public Contract Regulations 2015 are enacted 26th Feb. 2015

This supports a less risk-averse approach and should set a legal framework which promotes the quality of the built environment whilst ensuring genuine competition and providing better value for money. This represent significant reform and modernisation of public sector procurement which could have significant impact on the preparations for a procurement, processes, procedures, awards, contracts and implementation through to life cycle completion. The transposition of the new directive is an opportunity to create a basis for growth, stakeholder engagement, more competition, at lower cost and better results.

As an independent agency Project Compass CIC’s role is vital in ensuring that these aspirations are implemented and realised, as well as supporting those organisations which wish to adopt the legislation with better practices, but don't know how.

Project Compass CIC will continue to interrogate notices as they are published and provide valuable insight into who is purchasing, who is winning and how much it costs.