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BA1 University of Portsmouth Architecture: Volumes Project

BA1 Architecture students from the University of Portsmouth have recently completed their latest design projected (see images below). The project invited them to design live/work accommodation for a chosen client within a given volume.

There were three volumes:

  • Cube: 7m wide, 7 deep, 6m high
  • Rectangular whole (accessed form above): 18m long, 4.5m wide, 4m high
  • Tower: 15m high, 6m deep, 3.6m wide

This is primarily an interior design project focusing the student on the intimacy, particularity and anthropometric scale design for their client. Dedicated areas can be designed by the student to form openings manipulating views and light. The clients varied with particular qualities such as vlogger Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, Athlete Tom Daley, Musician Adele, Programmer Julian Assange, Rock Climber Beth Rodden, Chef Paul Hollywood, Footballer Christiano Ronaldo and Neurologist Sigmund Freud. For an architect all of these clients offer such a fascinating context in which to design living and working accommodation. The ambition is for the student to explore the particularity of the client and how this creatively and ambitiously informs the design of the live/work dwelling.

We are familiar with this way of working at PAD studio, our design process is based on a narrative strongly informed by the particularity of client amongst other forms of context. You don't have to be a famous singer or professional athlete to be our client, we see a strong narrative in all people and all of our clients have so much to offer in the design process. This is why we emphases great importance at the initial Feasibility Design Stage (RIBA 0-1) where we start the dialogue and begin exploring.

We would like to take the time to celebrate the work students produced for this project. We have had very insightful discussions on design processes, architecture, theory and life. With reflection, now onto the next project.

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